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Gold Membership
  • R500

  • 2 months Expiration Date
  • 25 Property Listing
  • 5Featured Listings
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Silver Membership
  • Free

  • 1 year Expiration Date
  • Unlimited Property Listing
  • 10Featured Listings
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Free Listing
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  • 6 months Expiration Date
  • 20 Property Listing
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Referral Fees and Commissions

By Listing a Property on BBO the Agent is giving BBO a mandate to facilitate the Sale of the Property on Silent Auction / Tender to be conducted by one of the BBO Property Professional Franchisees and the Referral Fees / Commissions Payable to the Members / Agents are as per the following guidelines which will be updated from time to time:- Members / Agents will receive a Referral Fee of R5,000 per Property Listed by them that is Sold or Let via BBO provided that such fee cannot exceed 10% of the nett Fee received by BBO. Registered Estate Agents will receive a commission on a sliding scale of 25% to 50% of the nett Fee earned by BBO. The scale is applied depending on which party does which portion of the work to conclude a Sale. Please Select a Package above and start Listing and Earning.