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BESTBIDONLINE (BBO) and BESTBIDONLINE EXPRESS (BBOEX) are Online Trading Platforms with BBO PROPEXPRESS focused on Property Trading,  BBO LIFESTYLE as Multi Vendor E-Commerce Marketplace and BBOAUCTIONS as the Bidding Platform.

PROPEXPRESS provides an Advertising and Listing Platform on which Anyone can List Properties and BBO Property Professionals / Franchise Holders then facilitate the Sales / Auctions thereof .  

The term BBO is used on this website to refer collectively to the BESTBIDONLINE PROPEXPRESS Property Trading Platform inclusive of its Members, Agents, Franchisees and panel of Conveyancers. 

The Challenges we are facing Economically and in the Property Industry specifically compels new ways of doing business and for this reason BBO’s Online Trading Platform brings together Property Professionals, Motivated Sellers and Qualified Buyers in a short space of time to facilitate a fast turnaround time for Selling Right Priced Properties. 

The BBO Public Participation Membership Programme offers Work and Earn from Home opportunities in a changing world for anyone looking for new careers or additional income avenues and this includes Estate Agents looking for future focused solutions and opportunities. 

Please Register as a Member / User to enjoy access to many of the functions on the BBO Website and then click on Agent in your Profile to List Properties and Earn Referral Fees, and no you don’t have to be an Estate Agent to be a BBO Agent, although Estate Agents are more than welcome and earn Auction Commission Sharing as opposed to Referral Fees

You can “Submit a Property for Listing” via the Top Menu or Register, Login and do it in style. You can also Submit your Wish List of Properties you would like to Buy or Rent.  

Please note that Property Information is as submitted by Members and BBO is not liable for the accuracy of any Listed Property Information.

The BBO Credit Consult initiative combined with BBO – We Buy Properties and the BBO – Member Property Investment Fund offers additional services, features and benefits to Members

Please read the bullet points on the Home Page and FAQs in the Top Menu.

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Potential Buyers can also Bid on any Property on BBOEX after Bidder Registration Confirmation.

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